Monday, April 4, 2016

Gold Audi Q7 Kids Ride On Car

The Gold Audi Q7 Kids Ride On Car is the ultimate in off-roading for young children. Where other Power Wheels vehicles struggle on grass and tough terrain, the Gold Audi can traverse them with relative ease. Your child will be able to drive to adventures through treacherous ruts, wet grass, gravel, mud and more without the fear of becoming stuck.

The vehicle comes with two speeds, 2.5-MPH and 5-MPH, as well as a reverse gear. For beginner drivers, you can actually utilize a high-speed lockout that will prevent your child from driving at top speed. The power lock brake system will ensure that the vehicle stops promptly when necessary. The Gold Audi Q7 Kids Ride On Car toy even comes equipped with a real FM radio.

The vehicle's design and the tire treads are what ultimately allow your child to drive on uneven terrain. The tires' traction makes it easy to retain a grip on the ground whether your child is driving on grass, mud or gravel. The vehicle itself is built to emulate the Audi styling, which will contribute to the realism of the child's off-roading experience.

The 12-volt battery will keep this vehicle running for hours. Out of the box, you'll need to charge the battery prior to use, but once it's got a full charge, you'll see it power that Jeep for more than three hours straight. On the downside, however, the initial charge takes between 8 and 10 hours.

The Gold Audi Q7 requires some assembly when you first purchase it. The instructions should make the process quite easy, though it will still take approximately 60 minutes to fully assemble. The dashboard is advertised as interactive, but this is rather misleading. It has buttons on it, certainly, but that does not make it interactive. The Audi is missing a number of features that would make it an excellent purchase, such as adjustable seats, a plastic windshield and a battery life indicator.

Despite the lack of these features, the Gold Audi Q7 Kids Ride On Car is an exceptional value. It makes up for the features it lacks with its ability to traverse almost any type of terrain. It isn't a real audi by any means, but it's more capable than almost every other Power Wheel out there in its ability to retain traction on difficult terrain. Your child will certainly be riding in style when he goes on adventures in this RC vehicle.

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